Client Testimonials

Sindo Program at Northwood HQ − My Testimonial
by Robert J. Kamensky, Rear Admiral, USA-Navy

"For those who may read about the Sindo Program hosted at Northwood HQ, I highly recommend you consider exploring getting involved with it. The small group instruction is very personalized and professionally administered, and the benefits of the program are multifaceted. Personally, I have improved my lung capacity, physical discipline (knowing better my muscle groups and their response) and mental well-being. Let me explain!"

"When I first attended, I was introduced to the breathing and core muscle strengthening routines followed by the introductory martial arts related regime. I had no interest in the martial arts but was captivated by the challenges to properly do the breathing and core muscle exercises. I asked and was willingly helped by Jimmy to learn the breathing and the muscle groups tightening and release exercises. There is technique involved as well as mental discipline, and it requires both practice and intense concentration to do both together properly. I have continued to be surprised at how tiring it can be both physically and mentally, and find the exercising to be an excellent way to relieve physical tension and mental stress."

"The instruction evolved over 16 months with gradual buildup to include entire body tensing with controlled exhaling for multiple repetitions. What has further evolved from this physical activity is an increased intensity of self-consciousness, almost like a spiritual awareness. It has now moved to a new plane for me − from merely a physical exercise to a meditative state that involves whole body and mind focus. This has been a tremendous unanticipated finding!"

"So, depending on what you are in search of, and I certainly was initially only interested in a small portion of the program, you can find and enjoy much more than just a good exercise program wrapped around the self-defense Sindo Program. You can uncover a mind and health changing experience that you can enjoy well into your future!"

"With grateful appreciation to Jimmy and Karen,"

Robert J. Kamensky, Rear Admiral, USA-Navy