SINDO Methodology

SINDO Methodology is a system specialising in the art of breathing which awakens the 'Inner Energy' within the body giving benefit to the individual in all areas of life. Students applying methodology in Sindo
Initially, through breathing, fresh oxygen is consumed and delivered to all the different inner muscles of the body including the entire nervous system. Oxygen is used via the breathing system to neutralise abnormal chemical reactions triggered by the nerves within the body. The student is able to use the technique to overcome shock or surprise from unexpected or undesirable situations. This method is also used to control anger, emotion, or mis-interpretation. Gradually the nervous system and the inner muscles get stronger enabling the Inner Energy to develop. With the help of focusing the mind, one can use the breathing system to increase Inner Energy.

As the Inner Energy and inner muscles get stronger, automatically the organs such as the heart, kidney and liver function more efficiently. This means that if someone has a heart problem (non-disease related), the problem will invariably be healed by using the breathing system taught by SINDO Self Defence. Due to the entire nervous system being strengthened, the 5 senses of the human body are enhanced which results in added sharpness including eyesight.
Students applying methodology in Sindo Inner Energy enables the body to contract the inner muscles, which can effectively prevent vibrations penetrating to the delicate organs of the body. This is why men or women, young or old who practice this system can protect themselves if their body is hit.
After learning the breathing system for the whole body, one can then practice channeling the Inner Energy to one area of the body thus offering more protection to that area. This can be proved by punching or kicking solid objects such as an iron plate when the energy is concentrated to the knuckles on the hands or the foot respectively. Due to the protection, no injury is experienced. Students applying methodology in Sindo
So through practicing our breathing system regularly, one can experience a healthier and stronger body with protection which is beneficial for self-defence.

However, the degree of protection depends on the individual standard, which can take time to develop.