Junior Classes

Junior classes in Sindo

Key Benefits

  • Learn Self Discipline & Self Control
  • Increase Self Confidence
  • Develop Awareness of Self Defence Techniques
Not forgetting the future of the organization is in the hands of the young people, SINDO Organisation provides specialized training for the young. This is in the form of physical exercise, self defence and discipline not forgetting that the young learn more readily when it is fun. At this stage the Breathing System is not taught to those below 13 years of age. Instead for those that are under 13 years, the foundations are laid to enable speedy progress when they do eventually reach their 13th birthday and wish to master the Breathing System. The junior participants are able to progress through the Junior Coloured Belt Grading System which includes all the physical tests but excludes the breathing tests.

Junior classes in Sindo Junior classes in Sindo