Intensive Training

Intensive Training Camp (SINDO Weekend Training Camp) is the main event of the year, when all the branches of SINDO Self Defence are united in a 3-day tough training course.

Training Camp is held in a forest away from the distraction of modern living in the city, thus enabling the participants to live simply and silently in the search for the balance between their awareness and demands. During the 3 day period, everyone trains about 16 hours per day and due to the environment, the mind control abilities develop in preparation to learn the high stage of SINDO Breathing System as required in Master IV Dan and above.

Intensive training in Sindo

Intensive training in Sindo

Scheduled with the Training Camp is the Examination the time where the participants watch their Instructor /Master being examined.

SINDO Weekend Training Camp is very popular because every student who participates in the event notices quick improvement in his/her mind concentration, mind control and other qualities. All these qualities contribute to the self defence of the mind and further development of the Inner Energy leading towards the development of Spiritual Energy within the body.