About Us

Jimmy Thaibsyah
Jimmy Thaibsyah Born in Medan, Indonesia, Jimmy Thaibsyah is the Founder and Guru Besar of Sindo. He has been training and teaching martial arts for more than 43 years where his recruits have included Indonesian military : Paswalpres, Kopassus, CPM (military police) and Indonesian Air Force. Now resident in UK, Jimmy focuses his guidance towards British military and police.
Karen Thaibsyah
Karen Thaibsyah Born in Southampton, England, Karen Thaibsyah (6th Dan) started training martial arts in 1983 whilst a university student. Since 1986 Karen has been teaching martial arts and fitness in Indonesia, USA and UK. Also featured in several TV programmes in Indonesia.

Sindo is affiliated with IPSI (Ikatan Pencak Silat Indonesia)